Are you experiencing hair loss?

Have you just started noticing the first signs of balding or have you perhaps been living with male pattern hair loss for quite a while now?

Being forced to constantly worry about your appearance and being overly self-conscious doesn’t only make many people insecure and anxious. It also affects the quality of their life to a large extent, especially in terms of their performance at work, as well as the relationships with their friends, partners, and colleagues.

If your hair started thinning, especially around the crown of your head, and your hairline is slowly receding, or if your hair stopped growing either entirely or only around the crown of your head, you certainly know that you’re not alone.

Over 95% of men experience the common male pattern baldness at some point in their lives. As much as 40% of men are affected by hair loss by the age of 35 and many men start losing their hair even in their 20s.

We know that hair loss greatly affects your confidence and self-esteem, but now you can successfully restore your youthful appearance with FUE hair transplant and have beautiful, thick and healthy hair once again!

Supercharge Your Confidence with the FUE Hair Transplant!

After more than 60 years of innovation, men around the world can now regrow their hair with the FUE hair transplant procedure and quickly restore their looks, significantly boosting their confidence and improving their overall quality of life.

FUE hair transplant in Turkey is one of the most popular surgical procedures among men of a wide age range. It is the best aesthetic procedure you can have if you are experiencing hair loss and, with it, a loss of confidence. If that is the case, you’ve come to the right place.

The Best Patient Care Supported by Globally Recognised Standards

Our FUE hair transplant surgeons are experts in their field with years of experience under their belt and all of them have certifications from ISAPS (The International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery). We package deals with a panel of clinics, all of which are JCI-accredited (Joint Commission International).

We provide a VIP-level service for patients who want a better VIP experience, but we also offer tailor-made packages with reduced prices, so that we can make sure that every single patient’s needs and budgets are perfectly suited.

However, even with the budget packages, you can be sure that all of our clinics are of the highest standards and we have personally visited and vetted each of them to ensure that they are absolutely the best and that all our patients will always receive high-quality care.

What Exactly is FUE Hair Transplant?

FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) hair transplant is a technique that refers to the process of transplanting individual hair folliclesfrom donor sites to recipient sites. Donor sites are the sides and the back of your head – the areas that are usually not affected by hair loss. Recipients sites, as the name suggests, are the balding areas where the harvested hair follicles are transplanted into.

What to Expect from Consultations with Our Surgeons?

During your consultation with one of our expert FUE hair transplant surgeons, the surgeon will provide you with all the information about the procedure and you can discuss anything you want regarding FUE hair transplant in Turkey.

The surgeon will also use physical examination to assess your balding areas and determine the strength of the hair in your donor zones so that they can estimate how many grafts they can extract from your donor sites without causing them any damage.

How Is FUE Hair Transplant Performed?

The FUE hair transplant procedure is minimally invasive, painless, leaves no scars and delivers excellent results. After the local anesthesia has taken effect, the surgeon will use an instrument called micro motor to make very small round punch incisions with a diameter of between 0.6mm and 1.20mm, so that the healthy follicles can be extracted.

The follicles are then put into a storage solution with HypoThermosol FRS to preserve the cells. Then, the surgeon will use custom-made needles to open the channels in the recipient sites before transplanting the grafts into the channels.

The procedure takes 6-8 hours and doesn’t require a hospital stay.

Are There Any Risks of FUE Hair Transplant?

FUE hair transplant is minimally invasive but, just like with any other surgical procedure, there are some general risks, which include:

  • bleeding
  • scarring
  • infection after the surgery
  • unnatural look
  • over-grafting
  • bald patches

Since all our clinics are certified and supported by globally recognized standards and our experienced surgeons are the best in the industry, you don’t need to worry about these potential risks. If you put your trust in us, we guarantee that you would put it in the safest hands.

FUE Hair Transplant Recovery and Results

One day after the surgery, the surgeon will remove your dressing and perform a check-up to ensure the procedure went well and that you are perfectly okay. They will advise you on the medication you need to take and the activities you should avoid during the recovery period, as well as inform you about the special shampoo and lotion you should use for a while.

You can get back to your routine (and work) after a couple of days, but your transplanted hair follicles will fully recover after a week, so you should avoid direct sunlight (always wear a hat!), preferably for a month. Also, avoid contact sports and any heavy lifting for a week.

It’s completely normal to experience some hair loss after the procedure, so don’t worry, because your hair will start growing over the next several months. You can expect to see real results after a year, so be patient, especially because the results are permanent. However, you may experience hair loss later in areas that haven’t been treated during the surgery, but you can safely repeat the procedure anytime you want.

Contact Us Today and Restore Your Youthful Appearance!

If you’re tired of seeing your hair becoming thinner and your hairline slowly receding, FUE hair transplant is definitely your way to go. With this minimally invasive procedure, you can have thick and healthy hair once again and a natural look that you can be proud of.

Feel free to contact us today and schedule a consultation with one of our expert surgeons, who will inform you about everything there is to know about FUE hair transplant in Turkey and help you make an informed decision. Restore your youthful appearance and give yourself an incredible confidence boost!


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