Are you annoyed by hair shedding?

Certainly, but not only because the strands tend to clog up your shower drain and turn your carpet into a hairy rug. There are other implications to losing your hair, be it genetically or reactively triggered, which can be linked to poor health – either as a cause or as a consequence.

Whatever the case, excessive hair loss leads to a damaged self-image in both men and women. And, while most gentlemen can shave off their manes, choose to go bald, and still look hot, ladies have it much, much harder. Fortunately for all, it’s nothing that a good hair transplant can’t solve.

Let Your Hair Down with Confidence!

Did you know that everyday stress is one of the main culprits of hair loss? Even if your gorgeous locks start falling off because of something entirely different – a genetic predisposition, unhealthy lifestyle choices, medical condition, or simply old age – hair thinning and loss will inevitably stress you out.

In case you’ve already tried every viable solution, but there are still no signs of your strands growing back, then it’s about time you considered a hair transplant. This simple procedure will not only give you that old sumptuous look back, but will also help you regain your former confidence, and all that for a reasonable price.

Our doctors are some of the best in the world and offer high-level skills and professionalism at an affordable price.

State-Of-The-Art Hair Transplant Turkey

Here’s another lesser-known fact – Turkey is the world’s leading country when it comes to hair transplants. The industry’s net worth in this country counts a whopping billion dollars, with around 5,000 balding men and women flying to Turkey to undergo a hair transplant procedure every month!

What makes Turkey such a popular destination for permanently reversing hair loss?

Expertise and experience, for starters.

A particular kind of hair transplant procedure called Follicular Unit Extraction, or FUE for short, actually originates from this part of the world, where doctors were trained to perform it long before it became popular in Europe and the US. They’ve spent two decades perfecting this unique medical craft.

Our surgeons provide hair transplant services throughout Turkey, operating in nothing but the best clinics. We choose our medical facilities for the quality of their care, the attentiveness of their staff, and the sophistication of their equipment. We take pride in what we do, and we nurture a passion for our calling.

Nevertheless, our hair transplant services are inexpensive for the kind of professionalism and quality you get.

In comparison to the leading UN and US countries, where hair transplant surgeons charge between £4,000 and £15,000, the average cost of this procedure in Turkey is around £1,800, with the high-end price of £3,400 still being lower than other countries’ minimum.

However, unlike some clinics that offer a quick and cheap service, we don’t sacrifice quality. We work with only the best hair transplant clinics in Turkey and our doctors have years of training and experience behind them. While we are cost-effective, we’re not “too-cheap-to-be-true” and can guarantee an exceptional service that will leave you satisfied.

What Exactly Is a Hair Transplant?Hair transplant is a fairly simple procedure performed by dermatological surgeons in a controlled medical environment and under local anaesthesia. Though there are a couple of different hair transplant techniques, all of them essentially come down to a doctor moving hair to a bald area of the head.

Is Transplanted Hair Permanent?

Yes, the results of hair transplant are everlasting.

After a hair transplant procedure, the treated area of the scalp continues to naturally grow new strands. The density of hair may vary, though, which depends on the hair transplant technique used – whether it was suitable or not – and, of course, on the quality of the surgeon and the procedure itself.

Other factors that may affect the results are:

  • Hair curl, calibre, and quality
  • The density of follicles in the transplanted area
  • Scalp laxity

What Exactly Is a Hair Transplant?Hair transplant is a fairly simple procedure performed by dermatological surgeons in a controlled medical environment and under local anaesthesia. Though there are a couple of different hair transplant techniques, all of them essentially come down to a doctor moving hair to a bald area of the head.

How to Choose a Hair Transplant Type?

All necessary information about different hair transplant techniques can be found online, but the Internet is hardly the best source for determining an ideal match for your unique hair thinning or loss condition. Contact us today, and our experienced and highly skilled doctors will provide all the answers you might need.

We’ll consider your entire health history to identify the root cause of alopecia and recommend the best type of hair transplant procedure accordingly. A single session of FUE may be enough if your hair is only thinning, while a more severe hair loss will require the strip method or FUT.

Here’s the difference between these two most popular types of hair transplant procedure.

  • The Strip Method (FUT)

This procedure is perfect for patients who want to restore a great deal of hair volume. It entails a surgical removal of a strip from a donor site and typically yields in between 5,000 and 9,000 strands.

  • Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE)

The FUE procedure is much less invasive, which means that a patient undergoing it might need a couple of separate sessions if they are suffering from severe hair loss. It’s simple and without scaring.

What Happens After the Procedure?

Our doctors and medical staff will continue to take care of you after the hair transplant surgery, and if need be, prescribe painkillers, antibiotics, and anti-inflammatory medications to treat soreness, eliminate the risk of post-surgery infection, and keep the scalp swelling down, for as longs as a few days.

You’ll be able to return to your everyday life immediately after.

Other possible side effects include bleeding, bruising around the eyes, and numbness, itching and formation of crusts on the transplanted area. When you’re in the hands of our experienced professionals, the risk of these side effects is minimal, but our specialists will keep tracking your recovery just in case.

Call Us Today and Restore Your Youthful Look

If you’re concerned about going prematurely bald, and you’ve got a full comb of rouge strands to show for it, don’t panic but call us right away. Hair transplant is a brilliant solution to your problem, and we’ll make sure that your youthful look is restored in a professional, comfortable, and effective way.

Hair transplant Turkey boasts a two-decade-long reputation that hasn’t been matched by any other country in the world. There’s simply no one that can match our prices and still retain such a high level of quality. If you’re flying in, we’ll help you with your accommodation and provide the best possible aftercare so that you can return home with a smile on your face and a head full of dense hair.

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