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Do you have a receding hairline?

Have you noticed the occurrence of some bald spots on your head recently which are negatively affecting your appearance and your overall self-confidence?

Although beautiful hair is the number one asset for all women out there, men find it equally important, and hair problems can greatly influence how a man feels about himself. Being too self-conscious and worrying too much about your looks can have a negative impact on your everyday life, including the relationships with your colleagues, your partner or friends, as well as your concentration at work.

Being unconfident can easily lead to anxiety, which is known to prevent us from giving our best, staying motivated, and even interacting with other people.

We have a solution to your problems!

If the aforementioned problems sound relatable to you, you no longer need to be unhappy about your hair and let it ruin your life – our hair transplant in Turkey is the answer you have been looking for! Our exclusive Istanbul based facilities offer Follicular Unit Extraction (or FUE for short) hair transplant procedures which are some of the most popular techniques and they are guaranteed to make your hair loss problems a thing of the past.

Our team consists of experts who have more than 30 years of experience when it comes to hair transplantation. In addition, we package deals with a panel of clinics, so that we can offer tailor-made packages which are designed to suit everyone’s needs, as well as their budget.

For instance, if you are looking for lower prices, you can schedule an appointment in some of the mainstream clinics. If, on the other hand, you are looking for more of a VIP treatment, we are here to provide you with top-level services.

No matter which of these options you choose, you can rest assured that all of our clinics have a very high standard so all patients are guaranteed to get an exceptional treatment.

What is Follicular Unit Extraction?

As we have already mentioned, our hair transplant in Turkey is based on the Follicular Unit Extraction technique. FUE refers to the process which involves harvesting hair follicles from the part of your scalp which contains sufficient amounts of hair (usually from the back of the head) and then transplanting them individually to your bald or patchy areas.

All of the surgeons who specialize in hair transplantation prefer this technique to any other, as it is proven to be the most effective one, so you simply cannot go wrong if you opt for FUE.

Some of the many advantages of using this particular hair transplantation technique include achieving an entirely natural lookshort healing period (usually between 2 and 4 days), less pain and discomfortno stitches or scarring, as well as the ability to continue with all of your daily activities in the matter of only a couple of days.

Many people in Turkey, both men and women, have a poor scalp quality and, as a result, suffer from hair loss which can be caused by a variety of different factors, including hormone problems, genetics, or side effects of certain medications they have been using.

However, no matter what the cause for your problems is, FUE hair transplant in Turkey is guaranteed to bring amazing results.

We truly care about our patients

If you are thinking about getting hair transplants in Turkey – you have come to the best place in the area! Each and every one of our surgeons is a top quality expert in the field of hair transplantation and will provide you with a detailed insight into everything you need to know before deciding to undergo the procedure.

Things to take into consideration before undergoing a hair transplant procedure

While hair transplantation surgery helps you achieve incredible results, it is not suitable for just anyone nevertheless. So, there is a set of questions you need to discuss with our surgeons in order to find out whether you are the right fit for such a procedure:

Do I really need a hair transplant?

In reality, no one really needs hair transplants. However, if your hair loss is causing you problems in your usual daily activities in terms of self-confidence and causing you major dissatisfaction and some anxiety problems, hair transplants are a great solution to help you become more confident and satisfied with your appearance, which can greatly contribute to the overall quality of your life.

Will the procedure be safe and successful?

A hair transplant procedure is permanent and completely safefor anyone who our surgeons decide is suitable to undergo this treatment. When it comes to the overall success rate, more than 95 percent of the grafts are guaranteed to grow into healthy hair.

Are there any major risks?

Hair transplantation is one of the safest surgeries, so the patients don’t need to worry about any big complications or riskswhatsoever.

When can I go back to my everyday activities?

This simple and effective procedure enables you to get back to work, as well as to any other activities, after a few days. However, our surgeons will advise you about how long you need to rest before you get back to work and other daily activities.

Should I take any special care of my transplanted hair?

The best thing about this procedure is that your transplanted hair doesn’t need to be treated any differently than the rest of your hair. It is needless to say that you need to follow your surgeon’s aftercare instructions, but when it comes to your everyday hair care – you can use any products that you have been using before.


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  • Treatment Plan
  • VIP Airport Transfers
  • Translator
  • 2 Nights B&B in 5* Hotel
  • Maximum Grafts FUE (VIP Hospital)
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  • Post-Op Medicine & Shampoo
  • Pre & Post-Op Support

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