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Male Hair Loss

Male pattern baldness is the cause of hair loss in 90% of males where hair tends to start thinning at the front, the top and the crown.

The industry standard classification for make pattern hair loss is known as the Norwood Hamilton Scale. The below illustrations can help you pinpoint the category you fall into.

There is no definitive way of ascertaining if a person will indeed suffer hair loss, but the problem can become very apparent in some males by the time they reach their early 20s. For other men, the problem can start surfacing in their late 30s.

Ultimately, baldness is dictated by genetics from either both or one parent, and is usually triggered by hormone receptors located in the hair roots. These receptors begin to attract Dihydrotestosterone, a type of male hormone that’s responsible for initiating the hair loss process.

Below you can find the Norwood Hamilton scale which will help you categorise your hair loss type.